Angle and Channels

With the wide range of products available at Ruwais Steel, we can deliver the products needs for your

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Coils and Sheets

At Ruwais Steel, we have established ourselves as a source of quality steel products in UAE. We offer

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Cable Trays

We at Ruwais Steel hold a pan-UAE presence to supply cable trays of the

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Cable Trunking

A cable trunk is transmission channel between 2 unique wires and one

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Cable Ladders

Ruwais Steel produces Cable Ladders that suits the requirement of heavy

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Wire Mesh Tray

Wire Mesh trays was introduced when the need for the performance, safety

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Steel Lintels

Lintels are horizontal structure placed across an opening to support that is right above it. The steel

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Cable Management is undoubtedly a key consideration for any infrastructure. These systems provide a perfect routing of wires, such that they can perform their functions adequately. Cable Tray Dubai is used to hold courses, cables, and wires safely inside the buildings. It is mostly used for supporting the insulated electric wires for distributing the power. Cable trays are employed as a better alternative to open wiring or conduit system.

Why use our products?

Ruwais Steel is the most renowned Cable Tray Manufacturer in Dubai. We design our products in a way so that they can quickly adapt changes where adjustments to a wiring system are required. Our product range includes Cable Trunking, Cable Ladders, Wire Mesh Trays, and many others.

There are many benefits of using our cable tray products. These include:

  • The work of installing a new cable is made easier by laying them in the tray in-place of pulling them directly from the pipe. This way the chances of cable damaging decrease.
  • The cable trays that we manufacture at Ruwais Steel prevent the wires and cables from coming into contact with fire, electric shock or any other chemical.
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel are the common materials that we use to manufacture cable trays of different kinds. All of the cable trays manufactured using these materials are robust and durable.
  • Our cable trays give your wires a planned route permitting them to run over the dividers uncovered protecting your wiring and overall building.