Coils and Sheets

Coils and Sheets

At Ruwais Steel, we have established ourselves as a source of quality steel products in UAE. We offer to supply our customers’ products that meet the highest industrial standards for construction and industrial uses. We offer strong, durable and corrosion resistant sheets and coils that come in various lengths and widths.

Coils and Sheets

Steel coils are finished sheets or strips of steel that have been rolled. They are rolled with the width longer than the thickness of the sheet. When coils and sheets have certain types of coatings, they become resistant to weather conditions and moisture resistant.

Coils and sheets are produced using several methods depending on the mechanical properties that it should possess. They can be produced by hot rolling, cold rolling or galvanizing.

Manufacturing of Coils and Sheets

Hot Rolled coils look like a wound steel strip when finished. They are produced by be continuous or semi-continuous hot-rolling mills. These mills are sometimes a part of a compact strip production plant.

Galvanized Iron coils can be made using two different methods. The first one is the continuous hot-dipping in which the steel is allowed to pass through a bath filled with molten zinc. The second method is electro-galvanizing where a zinc layer is bonded to the steel on both sides using electrolytic deposition.

Types of Coils

HR coils

HR coils are steel products that have their oxide film removed either chemically or mechanically. They are fabricated by subjecting the steel to extremely high temperatures and rolled.

Hot Rolled coils can be easily welded, forms or drilled at high temperatures and so they are used for producing heavy machineries, tool boxes, shipping containers, fuel tanks and so on.


Grade S235JR, S275JR, S355JO, S355J2,Grade 50, Q235B, Q345B
Thickness 1.0mm-25mm
1idth 600mm-2000mm
Initial diameter 508/610mm


GI coils

Galvanized Iron coils are simply known as GI coils. They are made of carbon steel sheets with a coating of zinc on both sides. The coating of zinc is used to ensure the bare steel is well protected from corrosion.

GI coils are applied for different purposes cutting across several industries including: garage doors, roofing, safety fences, electrical products and exterior building products.


Grade SGCC, DX51D
Zinc coating 40-275g/m2
Thickness 0.3-4.0mm
Width 600-1250mm
Hardness Soft (normal), hard, full hard(G300-G550)


Ruwais Steel ensures that customers have the best delivery service in UAE and the technical support that they require. Our technicians are dedicated to satisfying every need as well as ensuring that the products purchased are fit for the purpose required.