Steel Lintels

Steel Lintels

Lintels are horizontal structure placed across an opening to support that is right above it. The steel Lintels have simple and easy construction. Steel Lintels produced by Ruwais Steel are better at support than others. They have high resistance and durability. Steel lintels in UAE are being used at places where there is no proper support for the heavy loads. The ends of the lintels are embedded in the concrete that surrounds the structure and thus, these do not take up any kind of space. The presence of concrete for embedding the structure makes the lintels in UAE resistant to fire and also increases the durability of the structure.

Types of Lintels:

Single wall lintels:

These are available as single units and can be fit on the wall.

Double wall lintels:

It is the combination of two single wall lintels welded back to back. They provide better support to the structure than the single wall lintel.

Cavity wall lintels:

Some of the structures may have a small opening in them and these cavity wall lintels are manufactured to fit right into them so that the existing cavities do not cause any kind of harm to the entire house.

Arch and curved lintels:

Some of the archways at the place need extra support along with the arches and the beams that are present. These arch lintels are designed specifically for the arches and the curved out structures.